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“This story is important because it offers readers the idea that the world does not have to be lifeless and dull, that instead it is filled with wonderful, magical beauty and adventure. It sparks the imagination, encourages us to be better and not only make our world better but be on the look out for other worlds. Catherine Weaver has constructed an entire fantasy world and built a bridge to it that, although newly erected, will continue to carry adventurous dreamers across for many years to come. "Gold Dust" is the first in a series of books starring Alex Lee and I am sure this gifted author will give us more magic, more imagination and through a little more gold dust, she just might start another Gold Rush in California.” —David Carus, Artists Run This Planet




"A perfect selection for a YA summer reading list, author Catherine Weaver has woven a deftly told tale of an alternative universe fantasy where a Californian teenager must deal with all manner of magical creatures in an original adventure marked with memorable characters and unexpected plot twists. Eager readers will be looking forward with enthusiasm for Catherine Weaver's next novel! A popular addition to community library YA fantasy collections, it should also be noted that "Gold Dust" is also available in an ebook format (Kindle, $7.99)." —Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review

“I really enjoyed this book and I wasn’t expecting some of the things that happened.”—Belle Smith, Belle’s Beastly Books



“Alex conjures things from localized rain storms to long range surveillance to the Jedi Mind Trick by playing the proper tune on her flute.” —Brian Wilkerson, Trickster Eric Novels



“At the start, Alex wakes up to see a leprechaun riding a giant bunny and saying, basically, ‘Come with me if you want to live.’ This leads to a new adventure and an awful lot of running.”

Brian Wilkerson, Trickster Eric Novels



“Instead of facing death and destruction, Alex was up against the death of imagination.  I liked this juxtaposition of the creative thinker versus the corporate robot.”—Steph Warren, Bookshine and Readbows



“This second trip into the life of the ‘ordinary girl’ Alex Lee and her magical adventures was even more action-packed than the first:  she pops between worlds, forms a band, and starts Amazon warrior-school all on her way to saving her dad this time.”—Steph Warren, Bookshine and Readbows