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I will make a personalized poem for any special occasion or person in your life. I produce the poem on a card, with a photo you provide, or I will match it with a photo myself. I have written poems for Christmas, weddings, baby showers and more. I am quick and can find just the words to express the feelings you want to convey. Sometimes you don't need a special occasion to tell someone how you feel with a poem made just for them. Contact me and tell me what you would like, and we will work together to make it perfect.

A few examples are on this page.


Sam and Cheryl-Anne So many sunsets to watch together, Amber and violet, and pinkish blue hued, Marshmallows to melt and songs to sing, And jokes to tell, both innocent and lewd. Newness and joy can be found in one another, Daily as you create your lives, Caring and being cared for are the things in which Happiness flourishes and laughter thrives. Enjoy the life you build together, Reaching towards each others' dreams Your futures are now entwined Like climbing roses on the beams. All your friends and family give their blessings Never doubting what you two can do Nebulae are dim and short-lived compared to the Enduring love shown by your words, I do.



The sound of giggles

And Christmas-wrap crinkles,

Of cooking fat popping

And bicycle-bell tinkles

The smell of candles and

Pine needles, cinnamon and cloves

Dinner in the oven

And dear cousins’ clothes,

The feeling of chills up my spine

When I sing with a choir

And fur slippers, a warm hug

And a crackling hot fire,

The sight of big dimply grins

And bright twinkly eyes,

Lights wrapped around trees

In endless supplies

The taste of crisp winter air

Candy and spiced wine

Sweet dates and oranges

And your hand in mine.



I love to read aloud or tell stories. For an entertaining and educational experience, book me for readings to your class or club.

I will read from my own books and talk about what it's like to write a book and give tips to aspiring writers. Or I will read any story aloud to any group, and I also read for the blind.

I am also an improvisational story-teller and get the group interacting with the story.

Contact me for more information and to book a reading.