Short Stories

Catherine has been spinning stories of adventure and imagination for years.

Her stories set in an alternate history of California are based on the legends in Las Sergas de Esplandián by 16th Century author Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo, where the original magical island of California originated. These works are currently being expanded on with beautiful new artwork from artist Tanya Hokensdotter (, and will be available soon.

Until then, a collection of some of these stories is available here:

Catherine has received several Honorable Mentions and a Silver Honorable Mention in the prestigious Writers of the Future Short Story Contest

Find out more about the contest here:

She also has a story published in the magazine Little Blue Marble

This reflects her love of the planet and of all life, and the knowledge that no matter what, we can do something to improve our life here on Earth. See it here:

Keep your eye on this page for updates on new short stories you can read as they are published.