Short Stories

Tales from the Island of California

The first ebook compilation of some of the short stories from Catherine’s imaginative mind includes an alternate history of California, based on the legends in Las Sergas de Esplandián by 16th Century author Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo, from which the name of California came. Catherine expands on his legends of Amazons, centaurs and griffins to include tales of leprechauns who came with the Irish immigrants, the phoenix who came with Chinese immigrants, and a dryad who consoled a Japanese-Californian girl in the 1940s.

More Tales from the Island of California

An additional compilation of short stories which includes a dragon, a mermaid, an angelic visitation, and of course griffins and an Amazon Queen.

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Catherine has been writing and entertaining others with short stories for years, and has won two Honorable Mentions in the Prestigious Writer’s of the Future Contest. Keep your eye on this page for updates on new short stories you can read as they are published.